Meet Richard

Meet Richard Tyler

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‘A cognitive Jolt to transform your business and your life’
– Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft UK

‘At Innocent, we look to disrupt the norms and lead the way. For this to happen, we have to Jolt!’
– Richard Reed, co-founder, Innocent

‘As the speed of change accelerates, it is essential that bigger companies like BBC Worldwide continually shake up the accepted way of doing things. Jolting our thinking is no longer a luxury, it. Is essential for survival and growth’
– Tim Davie, CEO, BBC Worldwide.

‘Jolt upgrades you from ‘happy, safe and fine’ to ‘extraordinary, fearless and outstanding.’ An exciting, exhilarating, and empowering journey!’
– Elizabeth L Kuhnke, Best – selling author, Conference speaker and Executive Coach

‘There are no limits, it just took a jolt from Tyler to get started!’
– Dr Mark Goldman, Surgeon, Former NHS Chief Executive and Director of the Goldman Partnership.

“Hugely engaging, inspiring and thought provoking. Book this man!”
Simon Bucknall, The Art of Connection

Richard Tyler, ‘A must for any successful event…’
Steve Hill, Head of Customer Services & Resident Involvement , Aragon Housing Association

“If your seminar was a West End production I would be booking again. I was hooked from the start, inspired throughout and motivated when I left”
Maureen Hepworth – Health Trainer Team Manager, Kirklees Council.

Richard Tyler is the Chief Possibility Architect of BTFI Ltd, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Coach and Provocateur. 

Richard’s mission is simple: to disrupt and provoke the way that organisations think, as being good is no longer good enough. Companies need to be Extraordinary in order to be successful. For 10 years, Richard and his BTFI team have been pioneers of Artful Leadership – blending psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients to become innovative and lead their industries. These include, JP Morgan, HSBC, Barclaycard, John Lewis Partnership. Co-op, and the NHS.

Richard dreamed of performing on stage from an early age and went on to play lead roles in many of London’s West End productions such as Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera. Having sung in concert halls across the globe, performed with some of the most extraordinary musicians, sang for royalty and appeared in TV commercials, he started to really understand how to deliver ‘Extraordinary Performances’ consistently… something that CEOs are striving for daily.

Since taking the make-up and tights off, he is less of a drama queen, but occasionally still dips into the world of performance by appearing in one-off shows like the Phantom of the Opera 25th & 30th Anniversary celebrations. However, Richard changed his career direction by training in Barrett Values CTT, Harrison Psychometric Assessment, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP & EI and now combines these skills with Artful Leadership techniques in his training & keynotes.

Richard’s passion is to literally bring his performance skills into corporate environments while training on leadership and change management. His delivery style often includes bringing in actors and musicians to quickly ignite a spark of change in his audience. Often he will have the whole company on their feet singing!

His style combines tough love, provocation, challenge and fun. Richard travels around the world, creating a ruckus and planting the seeds for his audience to build their extraordinary culture and send it viral. CEO’s, boards and senior leadership teams seek him out to coach, speak and facilitate workshops to shake up their habitual thinking. Richard works across multiple sectors, including public sector, finance, retail, law and technology. He also frequently speaks on radio and contributes to numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of Artful Leadership.

Only the brave will work with Richard and his team. Those that like to remain comfortable are advised to look elsewhere. Those that are curious to reach a level of extraordinary will enjoy the jolt!

In a world where everything is speeding up, can you really afford to sit tight?